With safe work practices at the core of our thinking, and after much research and study of production methods, we’ve formed solid relationships with like-minded people who support our ideas and creative passions. Working with these talented people, who bring a simple length of silk to life with buckets of colour and umpteen hand built screens, is a pleasure. Impact on the environment is especially important to our business. Only high quality, environmentally safe fabric dyes are used and are compliant with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

A unit of measurement for silk fabric is known as momme (pronounced moe-me). The more weight the silk fabric has, the longer it will retain its original strength and beauty. Think of it like this – 10 denier versus 100 denier. If our scarves were stockings they would come out at 80 denier – not the thin transparent end of the scale, but very beautiful, strong and long-lasting.

Our small factory is well run and we consciously strive to ensure that our skilled workers are in a safe and healthy environment. It’s exciting to watch our patterns take life through the screen-printing process, being washed, dried, cut, hand rolled, pressed, and finished.

And by the way … size
Our scarves fall into the 90 x 90 cms square category but, because each one is hand finished at the edge, please understand that there might be small variations in the final measurement.